My final project was about how to fight global warming. I produced a video and is in youtube to wacth. This is the link: final project


Final Project Election

For my final project, I choose as theme “How to combat Global Warming”. For this final project I want to give a very straight forward point of view, differencing this work from the one that I did in the midterm project. This project will be a video clip of the steps that a regular person has to follow in order to help combat global warming.  I would like to add some kind of animation , using the websites provided by Prof. Gold, and also investigating by myself  any other kind of helpful tool in order to achieve my goal.

The websites that I would be using are: Flickr, Xtranormal, youtube.

The possibilities in the web are endless, therefore I would be doing an extensive research for this project. I hope that everyone who will watch my video will enjoy it as I will, while doing it.

Midterm Project – Solar Power Technology

My project is based on solar panels, and how to install this step by step. I have found three websites that could help me in the process. The first one is

This site  shows how to install solar panels on a roof top. They guide the user, step by step but lacks of an aesthetic  in their website. Though they’ve provide pictures of the installation, and the actual picture  of how it look like after all, they should have put a video in order to illustrate potential costumers of how to install this technology by themselves.


photo by Ameco

The second website that I could find is G.E. (General Electric) being one the biggest, and  most important company dedicated to the electrical field, has a website where they show, and caugh

t my eye of course, a space for Q&A.  Where the questions of costumers of their products could get answers online without making appointments with a technician. Questions as simple as What is solar electric system?, or how does it work?, are answered in a professional manner. The only problem with this explanations is that  they do not show images at all in this Q&A section, and in questions much harder than the ones that I mentioned above such as how to wire the artifact, the presence of a wire layout is needed but in this site shines with its absence.

Image provided by GE

image by GE

Last but not least,it’s a website where the interaction with costumers and users of solar panel technology has been considered and shown  for one single purpose. This is to attract more people to use this technology giving them hints in: money saving, income tax credits, and by all means why to use this new kind of energy. is a website dedicated to the Home Technology, green power created by  solar power technology is one of its strong points discussed in this website. About the layout of the website I would say that they offer images showing how customers have installed their products and the satisfaction of them after the product was installed. They show also how aesthetic could solar panels look on top of your roof, since  in some case the installation of them minors the beauty of a house and as homeowner you absolutely do not want that. Example of this is this image taken from this website.


image by HM.


Selecting a winner

If my company would have to make a choice of a group, it would be group number three. The reason is that they explained clearly their pointd . Well constructed site, with graphs and convincing facts. Their interaction with the audience was a plus in their presentations.  Well done group 3.

Preparing the project…..

My project will be based in the installation of solar energy panels.  I chose this project because this technology helps with the enviroment creating green energy. I would explain step-by-step the process.


Evaluation of groups presentations


As a group, we had a little trouble in the oral presentation. The wiki page that was created for this presentation was very good illustrated with 3 websites, there are links connecting to everyone of them. We failed to explained clearly to the audience in order to convince them about our material.


They presented on Digg, a web site where you could post images . Visual layout was good  and clear. They explained in a way where we get the information but to sell a product it wasn’t convincing enough. It’s well written.


Very clear and convincing. The page was illustrated by graphics of the actual websites. They did contact with the audience, and answer the questions  giving real life examples.


Well explained. They give two websites, and they focused in how to improve  movie experience in your own computer. Visual layout of this page was well-constructed.  Rhetoric was convincing as they show responding to the question given by the audience.


This presentation was well illustrated. I little confusing for the content. Images and links of the objects were presented for the audience in a clear manner.


This group presented about iphones and explained the some ways to put this gadget to work. There was a website linked to their project, which was very graphic and explenatory for the audience. They presented a video which was a new implemantation to the presentations since no group before presented a video. The group interaction with the audience was a little cold.

lets add google

Google is the most reliable site, where we can find anything that we are looking for. This gives us endless posibilities.

Technology that puts the world in the palm of your hand: Cellphones

As explained in the Horizon report of 2008 , cellphones are the artifacts to have at this very moment. Why? It’s a very easy question to respond. Cellphones have become a very easy friendly to use apparatus. Now in days, this artifact has a versatility that amazes everyone. The cellphone is not only used to speak with others, now you could interconnect socially in the web, as a sample any cellphone that has access to internet, is capable of login in social sites as facebook, my space, to name a couple. Therefore is not only the contacts that you have in the phone, but a cyberspace full of people that interconnect with eachother to  share a piece of their interests and why not a pice of their lifes.

This is only the begginning of a new era where people will be able to transmit their thoughts, share their experiences, sell things, socialize, and etc. from the palm of their hand.

The use of cellphones instead of laptops and PC’s.

In my point of view, the use of cellphones and its features such as: Gps, technology 3G, integrated internet, video and  picture downloading and uploading. This simple uses as they seem at first sight, are the start of a new era where cellphones would replace a personal computer or a laptop. I would like to invite my classmates   to give an opinion in this very interesting theme.

About me!

Hey world… My name is Rene, I was born and raised in a south american country called the Repubic of Ecuador. I hope we have a good time in this class…